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Grape Motif Urn Fountain


Product Information
Cast Stone Urn for Indoor or Outdoor Use


Cast stone jardinière for indoor or outdoor use. May be used as a water receptacle for a fountain.

The Grape Motif Urn boasts an intricate pattern of grapes, leaves, and vines that climb around the barrel. Based upon a traditional Italian design, the jardinière is often purchased with Grape Motif Urns to create a grouping, as the urn is a footed version of the jardinière.

The Grape Motif Urn stands next to the Grape Motif Jardinière.

Features of our Grape Motif Urn:

  • May be used as a water receptacle for a fountain
  • Complements Grape Motif Jardinière
  • Ready to plant; no prep needed
  • Standard with drainage hole
  • Can be plugged and sealed
  • Handmade in Dallas, Texas
  • Frostproof
  • Six year, pro-rated warranty
  • Composed of commercial grade cast stone

Product Specifications - Grand Fluted Urn:

$2,152 retail price in taupe finish
$2,367 retail price in old world finish
$2,582 retail price for custom finish
35"H x 23" Dia.
255 pounds

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  • Grape Motif Urn


    The Grape Motif Urn stands next to the Grape Motif Jardinière.




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  • Handmade in Dallas, Texas.
  • Exclusive designs by Prix de Rome de Peinture recipient, Jacques Lamy.
  • Exquisite details.
  • High performance, commercial grade cast stone.
  • Frostproof: Plant it. Leave it. No need to cover or empty in winter.


  • Six year, pro-rated warranty
  • No packing fees on orders over $1,000
  • Freight 15% or less on domestic dock to dock shipments over $2,500
  • Founded in 1989


Phone: 214-748-7437
Fax: 214-357-0770
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