Shipping Cast Stone Urns and Garden Statuary

So What’s the Story with Shipping?

In the world of internet shopping, most people don’t think twice about shipping options. You place an order. The seller then sends it via FedEx, UPS, or through the US Postal Service, and it shows up at your door ready to be unpacked and enjoyed.

Shipping furniture and garden statuary, however, is a whole different animal than purchasing a book on Amazon and having it sent to your great-great aunt in Peoria.

Common Carrier Shipping

Furniture (and of course cast stone garden urns) must be shipped via common carrier—a fancy name for a freight company. Most often, the shipment will go on an 18 wheeler for the highway trek, and then, moved to a smaller truck called a “pup” for deliveries in neighborhoods and small businesses.

If the furniture is heavy, it will be unloaded from the truck using a lift gate attached to that truck if there is no loading dock onsite. The freight companies charge extra for both lift gates and residential deliveries.

After the Delivery

You’ll probably be surprised to learn that common carrier freight companies leave shipments at the curb. They do not unpack the crates or boxes or place them. Sometimes, they will offer something called White Glove Service. This means that the carrier will contract with a local company on the ground to take the items in and set them up.

This has its positives and negatives—mostly negatives. If someone damages the item during shipping or delivery and breaks it, the freight company and the white glove company will often squabble over who is at fault, with the customer held hostage and unable to file a claim. If the customer hires her own delivery service, often called a receiver, there is a clear delineation as to when the baton of responsibility is passed from trucking company to local delivery service.

Sometimes, a large retailer or manufacturer will ship items on their own trucks and then, provide White Glove Service, which provides a turnkey experience for the customer.

Freight, including our cast stone planters and statuary, can be packed four ways.

  1. It can be shipped in a box by itself.
  2. It can be in a custom crate that surrounds it.
  3. It can be boxed or crated and shipped on a pallet.
  4. Certain types of freight can be blanket wrapped.

Some companies include freight with their purchase prices, whereas others charge extra for packing, crating and shipping. With Archiped, freight is guaranteed not to exceed 15% on all domestic dock to dock shipments over $2,500.00 dollars. It is very important to know the situation before you place your order, so be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

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