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Pristine Cast Stone Perfection

Who Makes Archiped Classics’ Cast Stone Garden Ornaments?

Richard Stanzel

Richard Stanzel

Richard Stanzel,  our Co-Founder and President of Archiped Classics, along with his assistant artisan, personally casts each piece that is produced in our studio.  Finally, after casting, our highly skilled artisan spends an average of four hours in the cast stone hand-finishing process. He meticulously patches air bubbles, sands seams, and puts the finishing touches on each and every piece.

Why Does the Owner Cast Each Bench, Urns, Planters and Statuary? 


Shelley Stanzel

First and foremost, at Archiped, we insist on quality. Still, after 27 years in business, Richard Stanzel has yet to find anyone whom he believes fully understands the nuance involved with mixing additives, gaging the water temperature during changing seasons, etc. Because of this, he and his wife, Shelley do not want to risk the chance that anyone could possibly make a mistake that would affect the impeccable standards that have come to be expected of Archiped products.  Therefore, Richard makes certain that everything that leaves our studio door is perfect.


Why Should I Care Who Makes Archipeds?

Edwin Vasquez, Hand-Finishing Artisan

Edwin Vasquez, Hand-Finishing Artisan

Companies who make high-end cast stone garden ornaments, planters and accessories possess an array of differences.  The key that sets Archiped apart is that everything we make is personally handcrafted by our owner.  To our knowledge, we are the only luxury cast stone company who personally hand makes each piece. Consequently, by providing our customers the opportunity to work directly with our owner, we are able to guarantee them that our products are of consistent quality with meticulous attention to detail.

In addition, it is crucial to us that our customers succeed in placing orders without the worry that the products will not be as advertised or seen in pictures.

Finally, we strive to ensure that Archiped lives to up to its reputation.  As a result, with Richard Stanzel’s hands-on approach, we guarantee pristine quality every time.

Does my Blog about Luxury Garden Urns Make me Sound Like I Flunked English 101?

I’d like for you to know that I do practice correct grammar in my compositions for thank you notes and legitimate articles, even though it’s much more fun to go with a stream of consciousness flow, write in the vernacular, forget that commas exist, put too many…….. and —– where they don’t belong and have v –e – r – y long run on sentences so long that the reader forgets what the sentence is about anyway.

This means that I throw in the kind of words that may not jive with the high-end garden urns and pedestals that we produce and sprinkle some high falutin’ words throughout my blog to catch my readers off-guard.

However, it does create an interesting juxtaposition between the elegant outdoor art that we hand cast and the casual, conversational tone of the blog. At least, I think it’s an interesting juxtaposition. I don’t know if an English professor would agree.

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