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Shipping Cast Stone Urns and Garden Statuary

So What’s the Story with Shipping?

In the world of internet shopping, most people don’t think twice about shipping options. You place an order. The seller then sends it via FedEx, UPS, or through the US Postal Service, and it shows up at your door ready to be unpacked and enjoyed.

Shipping furniture and garden statuary, however, is a whole different animal than purchasing a book on Amazon and having it sent to your great-great aunt in Peoria.

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Cast Stone Garden Urns vs Portland Cement Garden Ornaments - Archiped Classics - Dallas, TX

Archiped Cast Stone Versus Portland Cement

Let’s talk about something exciting today. Hmmm… now what could that be? Brexit? Trump vs. Hilary? Flying with a stunt pilot in an airplane that runs out of gas? Mercy, no! The raw material used by Archiped to make its hand cast garden statuary and how it differs from cheapo gray concrete is probably the most fascinating topic that you will find on the Internet today. Oh yes, it’s true. Cast stone is enthralling!

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Archiped Makes Planting Flowers in Outdoor Cast Stone Urns and Planters Easy

Fine cast stone planters and pedestalsNot all urns and pots and planters come ready to plant. Anyone could logically think that one could buy a planter, take it home, pour in some dirt, stick in a plant and get ready to hear the oohhs and ahhhs of friends.

Unless you are buying from Archiped, it’s not that easy. Archiped’s cast stone urns and planters all come with drainage holes so that your flowers won’t drown. They don’t have to be emptied in the winter or covered to prevent cracking. You don’t have to add gravel. In fact, you don’t have to do anything. With Archiped cast stone products, you plant it and leave it.™

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Looking for Archiped Cast Stone Urns and Statuary: The Ultimate Dream Vacation

I’m thinking about a vacation. Yes, that is V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N. Summer is coming up and hmmmm, I wonder where I’d like to go?

If you are like me—and you probably aren’t—I dream of going to see some of Archiped’s most impressive fine cast stone installations. The problem is not only are they all over the world, the ones I HAVE to visit just happen to be the most expensive. Expensive, as in rooms that can cost thousands per night. Yes, I wrote THOUSANDS. Just call your favorite Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Waldorf, and Rosewood hotels and resorts, just a few of the places our urns and statuary are, and find out.

You can check out some of my favorite urn and pedestal combos at our installations in Vegas on the cheap, however. Start out at the Venetian and Palazzo to see ten of our Napoleonic Benches, one of my favorite designs from the Jacques Lamy Collection, with some of our other cast stone urns, planters and pedestals scattered throughout.

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