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Patina and Cast Stone Garden Urns and Planters

Weathering is a concern when one is purchasing garden items, especially cast stone pots and planters. Some garden ornaments show tinges of weathering, whereas others develop a patina or have large spots of salt and mineral deposits leach through the walls.

How Do Cast Stone Garden Urns and Planters Weather?

Patinas can be good or bad—depending upon which type of look and feel one wants to create. If the purchaser wants a weathered look with pitting and leaching and perhaps a few cracks here and there, one needs to purchase pots made of materials that have a tendency to do so. Many types of cast stone will take to this method, as well as tamped.

This type of weathering is normally associated with classic designs that have their origins in the English countryside. The problem when dealing with this type of material is that sometimes urns and pots in the elements crack beyond repair, fall apart or have tiny sheaves flake off. Obviously, it ain’t such a good idea to buy a bench made of this type of cast stone!

Accelerating a Patina in Your Garden Ornaments

People who crave this type of look will sometimes put yogurt or buttermilk on the pots in order to grow lichen that makes them look old. This is the best method to create an antiqued look because it doesn’t affect the structure and durability of the planters. However, this won’t work on garden ornaments that are water-proofed with sealer. So one often has a trade-off. Do you want a clean look that will always look the same but be long lasting or do you want a grungy look that may affect the life of the planters?

For a sleek contemporary look, one would go with water-proofing or a material that doesn’t hold water so that the plant receptacles will look the same ten years down the road as when they were purchased. One needs to always ask about weathering and how the material will age when purchasing cast stone—and keep your receipt!


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