Looking for Archiped Cast Stone Urns and Statuary: The Ultimate Dream Vacation

I’m thinking about a vacation. Yes, that is V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N. Summer is coming up and hmmmm, I wonder where I’d like to go?

If you are like me—and you probably aren’t—I dream of going to see some of Archiped’s most impressive fine cast stone installations. The problem is not only are they all over the world, the ones I HAVE to visit just happen to be the most expensive. Expensive, as in rooms that can cost thousands per night. Yes, I wrote THOUSANDS. Just call your favorite Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Waldorf, and Rosewood hotels and resorts, just a few of the places our urns and statuary are, and find out.

You can check out some of my favorite urn and pedestal combos at our installations in Vegas on the cheap, however. Start out at the Venetian and Palazzo to see ten of our Napoleonic Benches, one of my favorite designs from the Jacques Lamy Collection, with some of our other cast stone urns, planters and pedestals scattered throughout.

Then cruise in your tacky white stretch limo driven by Elvis to the Bellagio. Along the way, you could stop at our other Archiped Las Vegas installations at The Rio, The Encore Wynn, and Mirage MGM.

Unfortunately, you can’t even see some of our coolest Las Vegas installations unless you are a “whale,” that’s Vegas talk for a high-roller. The reason? You have to be in a high-roller suite. I heard from the interior designer that the high roller suites at The Wynn are eight thousand square feet with private pools. As a teen would say “Sweeeeeeet.”

Then, you can hop across the Pacific to Macau and compare our Wynn cast stone installations with the ones that you saw in Vegas. I haven’t been there but I’m pretty sure that our urns and statuary pieces are in public areas, not locked in a high roller cloister.

Did I say “hop”? Why hop a plane when you can cruise on Oceania’s Marina or Riviera cruise ships? Oceania president Frank Del Rio personally chose the cast stone Bali Planter with lids and some of our pieces from the Jacques Lamy Asian Collection for both of the ships. That guy has great taste!!!!! I tried to get him to throw in a cruise with his order, but somehow that suggestion didn’t fly.

Speaking of flying, you’d have to rack up some major frequent flyer miles to get to all or Archiped’s hotel and resort installations because they are in at least 17 countries. Why oh why can’t the IRS allow me to write off these trips? These cast stone garden ornaments are our babies and obviously, I need to check them out to make sure that the hotel managements are taking good care of them. Taking this vacation? In my dreams…

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