Does my Blog about Luxury Garden Urns Make me Sound Like I Flunked English 101?

I’d like for you to know that I do practice correct grammar in my compositions for thank you notes and legitimate articles, even though it’s much more fun to go with a stream of consciousness flow, write in the vernacular, forget that commas exist, put too many…….. and —– where they don’t belong and have v –e – r – y long run on sentences so long that the reader forgets what the sentence is about anyway.

This means that I throw in the kind of words that may not jive with the high-end garden urns and pedestals that we produce and sprinkle some high falutin’ words throughout my blog to catch my readers off-guard.

However, it does create an interesting juxtaposition between the elegant outdoor art that we hand cast and the casual, conversational tone of the blog. At least, I think it’s an interesting juxtaposition. I don’t know if an English professor would agree.

To be truthful, I don’t always try to place high falutin’ words in my blog. I am so extraordinarily intellectually gifted that they just come naturally.

When I think of the word “humour” for example, I automatically write it the way that it is spelled in the 18th and 19th century English novels that I read back in the day.

O.K. I admit it. I read chick lit. Heathcliff and moors. Anne and the fire. Mr. Darcy and the husband-hunting women. Parlors and musicians and English country dancing. Uhhh…was one of those written by Jane Austen? I’m too lazy to Google it to find out.

Did the Bronte sisters ever actually visit a bona fide manor house’s garden?

Judging from the garden in the pic below, maybe not.

bronte-sisters statues (1)

The aristocrats like the ones those literary powerhouses wrote about were known to place interesting garden ornaments throughout their formal garden areas. I never stopped to wonder, until now, how the lawns embedded in my imagination were manicured before the advent of lawn mowers.

Goats? Sheep? I’ll have to watch Downton Abbey more often to try to discover how this was done.

Downton Abbey pic with people


Of course I’ll have to stream Downton Abbey during office hours, as we all know that I could get a great deal of research on historical garden urns and garden art done while watching.

Until next time, faithful readers….

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